Anna Lundqvist

A Moth
To A Flame.

Like a moth to a flame is a three-part suite written for marimba and violin, performed together with video art. The three sections Attraction, Heart and Brain take us through the course of a love story. A course we all know in one way or another.

‘Like a moth to a flame’ is both a concert piece and an installation, where Anna Lundqvist collaborates with the artist Samot Nosslin. The work is composed for Stensöta from Gothenburg; Karin Wiberg (violin) and Ellen Sjö Sande (marimba) who also stand for the performance at Vänersborgs Konsthall.

Anna Lundqvist takes a leap outside her own field as a composer and creates a two-part mood in the new work ’Like a moth to a flame’. The comfortable and familiar are mixed with suggestive and skewed sounds.

Samot Nosslin allows himself to start from scratch, allows randomness to steer to new results and to take all the present anxiety expressions with a calmness. Not by closing the eyes but by inoculating the world with an almost Dadaist antidote. Visually, the work hovers in and out between an everyday world, a romantic shimmer and an inner chaotic mill.