Anna Lundqvist

Lisboa Cinco.

ALL5 is my quintet in Lisbon, Portugal. It was formed at the end of 2019 but didn’t get far due to the pandemic. Now the band is back on track and has had its premiere at Hot Clube De Portugal (Lisbon) in March 2022. In November 2022 we’re on a longer tour around Sweden and in September 2023 our debut album will be released.

We are a group of five, including some of Portugal’s most exciting and eminent jazz musicians. They all have their own special take on music and jazz, hold their own voice and have impeccable skills.

After years of visiting and working in Lisbon I decided it was time to start my own Lisbon based quintet, an all star band together with my compositions and with what I cherish the most – a solid interplay. I’ve handpicked everyone for this group and the music that I compose is based on each musician and their musical edge and expression.