Anna Lundqvist

Lisboa Cinco.

Swedish jazz vocalist Anna Lundqvist is the band leader and composer of the Lisbon based quintet Anna Lundqvist Lisboa Cinco. Together with Anna, the band contains some of the most interesting, innovative  and progressive musicians from the Portuguese jazz scene.

The music is highly energetic with a strong interplay and improvisation in focus. It’s contemporary  jazz, floating in between the American traditions and the European jazz sound with influences from pop, rock and Swedish hymns.

The band was formed right before the pandemic, but got together again in January 2022 and joined forces with a focus on a new beginning, new music and becoming a strong musical unit. On September 15, 2023, their new album “Sou Anna” was released on the Swedish record label Prophone records/NAXOS.The album is recorded and mixed in Portugal and is produced by Anna Lundqvist and Joel Silva.

Anna has been one of the most progressive and productive voices on the Swedish jazz scene for over two decades. Her mission has been to change the norms of the “jazz vocalist” and working with instrumental music has been one of her strong trademarks.

She fell in love with Portugal during a short vacation and started visiting the country more regularly with the aim of building her own platform and career. Since 2016 it’s her second home.

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