Anna Lundqvist


ALQ is based in Gothenburg, Sweden. The repertoire is mainly built on original material written by Lundqvist and their interplay, their musicality and personalities.

Every gig starts off as a blank sheet, a new challenge with a focus on keeping their minds open so that anything and everything can happen. This is music that’s organic, true and alive in every sense.

In 2015 ALQ celebrated a 10 year anniversary and released the album ‘TEN’ (APRIL 2015), a live/best of-album with 12 tracks of the band’s most poular songs. September 1 2017 their fifth album ‘MEWE’ was released and was a huge hit, both in Sweden and international.

In 2018 ‘MEWE’ and ALQ got a nomination for “jazz of the year” at Manifestgalan in Stockholm, Sweden.

Bass: Mattias Grönroos